Saturday, 13 July 2013

Still in the shadows

Once again my character has to cling to the shadows. The police department in the city I roleplay in has declared that all of the members of her gang have to be arrested on sight. While she can't make herself part with her gang rag she still is trying to cover her face so the cops that know her don't recognize her while driving by.
Of course it might just draw more attention to her.

And speaking of shadows, somehow mine are back to being borked again... The only thing I remember that I might have changed between yesterday and today is draw distance, so I'll try to reduce that tomorrow and see if it changes something or not.

The goods:
Face piercing [Acide!] Deviant (no longer exists)
Tattoo .:::: dEVOL ::::. Crow Message to the Earth (no longer exists)

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