Sunday, 18 May 2014

1 year of blogging!

A year of blogging

Well, here we are! Day for day, I started this blog last year and I cannot believe time has gone by so fast. SL blogging was not new to me, having had a few blogs linked to my once main account, but I had forgotten how fun it was.

I am really happy with many things that went on this year. The blog in itself has grown, the quality to my pictures something I never thought I could achieve (and I still have a looooooooooot to learn still). I also feel like my style has evolved, making for more interesting and complete outfits.

Regarding roleplay, this has been an amazing year. For those of you who don't know and just look at the pretty pictures (and therefore won't see this text either!), I roleplay on the sim Crack Den. I first discovered it in 2011 when I came back from a big SL break and moved to this current account as my main. I was entirely new to roleplay back then and the immersive stories you could create just baffled me. I only stuck around for a month or two however before RL took me, popping back at some point in 2012 for a few weeks and disappearing again.

I finally came back to SL last year, a few weeks before I started blogging again, and I naturally found myself drawn back to Crack Den. Rebooting what little I had built up of my character in the two past attempts, I ventured in the streets of the sim again, uncertain if this time around I would remain or not. I am not sure what was different this time around, perhaps the people I encountered, perhaps the thought I put into my character or the stories I built. Perhaps it was simply RL being quieter and really allowing me to dive into it, but this time, I stuck around and I have been roleplaying Esmeralda's story almost every day since then.

It is a wonderful feeling. I have always been drawn to more creative and imaginative outlets, painting, acting, writing and reading a constant in my life. As you grow up and gain responsibilities however, those things tend to fade into the background. Writing about this woman who is so different than me, creating her story, having encounters and events build up her character, it has been a true, amazing experience.

Needless to say that, whether in matters of blogging or roleplaying, this has been a truly satisfaying year and I look forwards to many more to come. Hopefully some of you guys reading those words will keep accompanying me in both of those paths.


Credits for both outfits can be found here and here.