Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bird Song

Blog 11-11-2015

I opened my mouth to scream and shout,
I waved my arms and flapped about.
But I couldn't scream and I couldn't shout,
couldn't scream and I couldn't shout.

The Goods

Jacket Addams // Nikki Jacket Rolled Up // Black by AmaliaRainwood Resident (@Uber until November 23rd)
Top -Pixicat- Dusk.Top (Red) by areve Resident
Tapped guts SiniStyle Taped Guts by Krius Misfit
Pants TonkTastic - B52 Pants [3 Colors Variation 5] by Tonk Tomcat
Boots DRD worn combats by Jaimy Hancroft

Goggles [The Forge] Goggles Steel by Deccan (deccan.arida) (Gacha in store)
Mask Astralia - Max bones mask with HUD by Astralia Resident
Necklace (Yummy) Room Key 237 Necklace by Polyester Partridge (Gacha in store)
Belt "W" vendor hooligan belt2 by Requiem Wonder
Claws [CX] Metal Claws (Nightfall) by Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (Kamayari Resident)
Glove right hand RO - Mercenary Guild Gloves Cont - Jailer RARE by AxsisThorn Resident (Gacha in store)
Bracelet left with blade 7mad;Ravens KnifeFight Bloody by Poe Rozenberg
Skeleton hand T-3D Creation [ Skeleton Hands - R/L -  ] MESH - Full Perm - by YumiBox800

Scars ~ EsmeSia ~  by Esmeralda Siamendes
Eyes make-up Nuuna's tatto layer makeups v3 by Nuuna Nitely
Face antielle. HSotD - 10 - Haunted by Jareth Cygnet (Gacha in store)
Dirt on body and face ViGo Creations - Dirt all over by Vila Targaryen (vilandra.miles)
Grease on hands [NI.JU] Mechanic Hands SLINK Appliers by Vitani Jun
Teeth [whatever] Teeth 2.0 - Dirty (tinted a bit more yellow + alpha made by me) by AnnaGrey Resident
Hair with scarf MINA - Jildou - Pastel by Mina Nakamura (@The Gacha Garden until 30th of November)
Poses Elephante Poses  Survival #4 by MelissaJeanne Flores
Hands by Siddean Munro (with [PUMEC]  skin applier by otyebis)
Eyes IKON Promise Eyes - Field & Leonine by Ikon Innovia
Skin **[PUMEC]  - .:IVANA:. - SKIN - Spring** by otyebis

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