Wednesday, 1 June 2016

3 years of blogging!

3 years of  blogging

I realized today that I missed my Blogiversary’s date. I started this blog on the 18th of May 2013, so it has now been three years!

If you had told me back then that I would last this long, I would not have believed it. I always had a love/hate relationship with Second Life and other online games. I tend to binge on a game and then move on to something else. Remaining for such a long period of time is unusual for me.
Second Life, however, has kept me coming back and this time for three years straight!

I have already spoken in past blogiversary’s posts about the creative side of blogging and roleplaying that are a big part of my interest for this online world. And this hasn’t changed! I can see my writing and Photoshop improving every day and, for someone who isn’t a native English speaker and never used Photoshop before Second Life, those are really things that fill me with pride and happiness.

However, if my SL was only blogging and roleplaying, it would be a very empty thing. In friendship I am not the sort to have thousands of people in my life but those I do have, in both Worlds, matter greatly to me.

So today I wanted to thank those of you I have had the chance to share this world with (and for some both). Whereas it’s friends from accounts past that I do not get to talk to as much nowadays, but still care for a lot like Asthenia, Sehra, Bunny, Takuma and Takuya. Friends from roleplay like Dark, Max, Mae, Karen, Naomi, Sira, Lucius, Kiryu, Ginger, Emily, Mollie, Ram and London. Friends to stay sane like Blue, Peri, Lundy, Sadie, Piper, Valerian, Cole, Kouta and Clio. Or quite simply the best of friends, Emmy and Cat.

All of you make logging on great and I hope seeing your names up there will have you smiling just like you have me smile every day.

And here is to another year of blogging!

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