Sunday, 13 March 2016

I Awake

Bird of Prey - Blog 13-03-2016

I've let it go, welcomed it in
I wear the scars upon my skin
The stroke was real, the force is great
My heart is an adventurer

Blog 13-03-2016

The Goods

Hood and skirt >glYph< Acolyte Green Boxed by Cry Hawker
Bra .Arcadia. - Hadrian Maille by Lokii Violet
Corset .A. Demeter Cinchers Fern (unpacked) by Lokii Violet (@We <3 RP March)

Wings [MF] Mesh tribal wings (boxed) by MedievalFantasy Resident
Face piercing - .HoD. - Deardriu Piercing (Female Fit) by aydan.darcy
Short necklace -DRD-  enchanted keys necklace by Jaimy Hancroft
Long necklace !TLB - Heartfelt Keepsake Necklace by Drusilla Dethly
Upper armband right DL:: Demon's Hunter Armband by TitiTinyTo Resident
Lower armband right **RE** MoonFlight Full Moon Bracelets by crashnoww Resident (@Shiny Shabby until March 10th)
Bracelet right .ET. L'odeur du cuir Bracelet Black by LeEnfantTerrible Resident (Gacha in store)
Upper armband left [BODY FACTORY] Hazard Bracelet (Black) - BOX by Deco Olinger
Lower armband left DRD -zombie apoc- armblade by Jaimy Hancroft (Gacha in store)
Belt/apron [CX] Butcher's Apron Female (unpacked) by Kamayari Resident (@We <3 RP March)
Claws [CX] Hayop (Black) (unpacked) by Kamayari Resident
Skeleton hand T-3D Creation [ Skeleton Hands - R/L -  ] MESH - Full Perm - by YumiBox800

Scars ~ EsmeSia ~  by Esmeralda Siamendes
Soot Clemmm - Detached Shadow Smear Tattoo by Clem Velinov
Face antielle. HSotD - 10 - Haunted by Jareth Cygnet (Gacha in store)
Lips antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (7) Coagulation by Kaorinette Resident (gacha in store)
Teeth [whatever] Teeth 2.0 - Dirty (tinted a bit more yellow + alpha made by me) by AnnaGrey Resident
Poses DM Grown up by Del May
Hands by Siddean Munro (with [PUMEC]  skin applier by otyebis)
Skin **[PUMEC]  - .:IVANA:. - SKIN - Spring** by otyebis

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